About Functional Human Dynamics Functional Human Dynamics ( FHD) in short was founded by Keitemogetse “Temo” Kekane with the intention of helping people who are new in the gym and don’t know what to do to improve their fitness as they jump from one machine to other without any direction. The core of FHD is to help people to not just lose weight or gain muscle but to help people train into their 40s and 60s while looking good and moving well. We also take in clients that are looking to try something new and are bored of the every day routine. Check out services whether you’d like to be trained one on one with our Personal Trainer who currently operates at Virgin Active Loftus in Pretoria or you’d like to be trained remotely (Online) for personalized individual training. Check our training plans and free samples to try out should you be interested to buy or consult with our Trainer.

Hi, i'm Keitemogetse Kekane

Personal Trainer